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My New Year’s Resolution “Anti-List”

So, I got this idea (in an effort to ignore those looming paper deadlines) to post a list of the top ten trends which I hope will not continue into 2010 – trends like those “my year in the life of” things in which some previously unknown blogger (someone just like us!) rises to pop culture fame through their willingness to cook all of Julia Child’s recipes, follow all of Oprah’s dicta, or try every position in the karma sutra. I figured I could get in a couple pithy zingers about how, in this stage of late capitalism, the only remaining form of stardom resides in a parasitic appropriation of past images and icons, recycled remnants of a culture which we revive at the very moment of its final evisceration. A.k.a. your usual quasi-Marxist cultural commentary with a  splash of snark, a few sly asides, and enough pop references to show that I’m still (despite it all!) culturally au courant.

And then I realized: that to engage in such snarky commentary would be, in fact, to embody the very trend(s) I set out to criticize. (more…)

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